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Will You Pass a Drug Test While Using Kratom?

There are now many drugs in the medical world, and some are even utilized for recreational purposes. One common example that’s been gaining popularity as of late is the bath salts drug, wherein users are reportedly becoming “zombies” as they lose control over their bodily functions. Some reports even claim that these users tend to cannibalize other humans, thus making them look like the fictional characters that would otherwise be only found in movies, shows, and fiction novels.

Aside from using bath salts as a drug, there’s also a pressing concern is the kratom drug is safe to use or not. While it’s hailed in some scientific and medical circles because of its healing and relieving effects, there are some circles that are still concerned because it can show up in a kratom drug test. After all, kratom and drug tests are can still be bunched together in one thought.

Will you pass Kratom: is a drug test while taking kratom?

Now that there is kratom drug for sale, some are concerned if they’re going to pass a kratom drug test 2016. The short answer to this dilemma is “No.” You might also be wondering, “is there a drug test for kratom?” Well, there are some that do offer the test, but it’s still significantly difficult to detect the use of the drug in the first place. Also, it’s because pure kratom won’t show up in standard drug tests. Furthermore, a NIDA5, which is the common drug test used by many laboratories around the globe, will show up negative if pure kratom is used by an individual. If you’re curious about bath salts and if it does show up on drug tests, then know that the possibility is still there. It’s because bath salts drug ingredients make it exceedingly difficult to be detected by any drug test out there. Also, it’s important to know that kratom is legal in some regions around the globe, but there are some locations that deem it as a schedule 1 drug. Because of kratom schedule 1 drug, there are some individuals that might have a difficult time in trying to acquire the product.

What makes a drug a drug?

When you think about it, what makes a substance to be considered a drug in the first place? Note that it can have two separate definitions. One definition is that a drug can be any chemical substance prescribed by a medical provider for the purpose of treatment, prevention, and diagnosis of any particular ailment, condition, or disease. On the other hand, a drug can also be any chemical substance that affects the central nervous system whether recreationally or with the aid of a professional medical practitioner. In the case of kratom, it can be found in either definition of the word drug. Kratom drug effects do vary from with its different strains, but drug kratom still has recreational and medicinal uses. Drugs like kratom do exist, and some would even result to bath salts as drugs just to get a “high” feeling.

The drug kratom might be riddled with controversy, but you still can’t rule out the fact that it has some great uses in the relief and treatment of various aches and pains. While others would do a kratom drug screen, the new drug kratom is still difficult to detect in tests. If you’re wondering, “is kratom a schedule 1 drug,” then it depends on your location if it’s classified as such.

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