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Usage of Kratom in Australia

Kratom is known as poor man’s marijuana. It is derived from trees grown in South Asian countries and in some parts of Australia and has psychoactive properties. It helps in curing many ailments but it is also addictive if taken in heavy doses. At low doses, Kratom works as a stimulant. Users feel more energetic, alert and sociable. At high doses, it is reported as being sedative, dulling emotions and sensations.

The green leaves are usually dried, crushed or powdered and are available in paste, capsule and tablet form. Kratom has the potential of having strong effects on the body. It contains almost as many alkaloids as opium Side effects of using Kratom include hallucinations, tremors, sweating, paranoia and nausea and long term use cause side effects such as constipation, loss of appetite, severe weight loss, insomnia and darkening of skin. The effect of the drug starts working after half an hour and lasts for three to four hours. When it is taken by itself, the greatest risk is falling asleep without the user feeling sleepy. One should not engage in any work when under the influence of Kratom. Kratom is habit forming if used on a daily basis and that is why it should be taken only once a week in small dosages.

Because of its sedative qualities, Kratom has been banned in many countries, even though it is of great medicinal value. In 2005, Kratom was declared illegal in Australia. It is listed as Schedule 9 drugs, which means the legal status is that of a narcotic drug and a person can end up in the jail for using it. Purchase, sale or possession of Kratom products is prohibited in the country. It is allowed only for research purposes.

It is illegally shipped into the country through post naming the product as coffee or green tea, so that it would not come under the scrutiny of government officials. It is illegally sold to poor and sick people at $50 for one kilogram of Kratom powder. The source of this information has not been validated. There is no clear information about Kratom found in Australia. As the use of these leaves is banned in the country, the outcome of being caught selling, purchasing, possessing or sharing can prove very problematic for the users. They will be meted with severe punishment. Questions like where can one get Kratom in Australia and what kinds of Kratom are available in the country are unanswered by people.

There is a lot of uproar among common people to legalize Kratom in Australia. The common man of Australia is unable to take the advantage of the medicinal values of Kratom because of the prohibition. The alternative medicine community, consider Kratom as the natural and authentic medicine to cure a wide range of diseases spanning from cancer to hypertension. Australia as a continent is missing out on this herbal medicine. The people feel that this is a huge loss for their community. They also feel that the ban was brought about without any valid or scientific evidence to back it up. WHO foundation has not banned the drug then why countries like Thailand, Australia, America and Bali have. Let us hope, that in near future, the Australian government will make rules to legalize Kratom in the country.

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