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The Analgesic, Subjective and Toxic Effects of Kratom

Kratom is a herbal plant from the family of Rubiaceae indigenous to Thailand, Indonesia and few more from southeast Asian countries. It is traditionally used as painkillers by the native countries and few prepare recipes where local vendors sell them as energy boosters to improve their work productivity. Kratom is gaining the market around the world due to its positive effects on human body. There are reports of side effects due to high consumption of this herb but it can be controlled if permitted dosage guidelines were set by the government bodies.

This herb is currently being used to treat stress, depression, acute body pains and benefits go on. But in addition to benefits, there are also cases reported on its side effects from minor to critical reactions on the human body. This is because of its sedative and stimulant characteristics of the herb and purely based on the human body reactions when it is consumed.

Following are few of the side effect and their reasons which are most commonly reported by the users of Kratom:

Nausea – This is commonly complained by many of the users of Kratom due to its analgesic properties of the herb.
Vomiting sensation – This is found in most of the cases by the consumers while consuming kratom due to its bitter taste and pungent smell properties.
Sedation – This side effect is due to its analgesic properties of the herb.
Constipation – It is rarely found with the consumers and it is a type of body reaction to certain herbs.
Increased aggression – It can occur due to increased dosage of herb.
Irritability/Itching – These can occur due to body reactions with the herb.
Seizures /Psychosis – These effects may turn to be fatal and it can be because of consumption of this herb and human reactions or based on the combination of any other drugs consumed with it. There are also chances when this herb is consumed in high dosages for longer durations.

These are few of the toxic effects of the herb and subject to the terms of dosages prescribed one must adhere when consuming Kratom. Since this is still in the process of research to know its complete medicinal effects on the human body, medical associations warn users on its toxic levels and exercise caution before making a decision on this herb consumption.

Kratom user base had outweighed the toxic effects with its numerous positive health benefits although medical associations have not approved its medicinal uses or effects. There is an increase in consumers from past couple of years and this herb is now made available to most of the countries in the world.

There are various online platforms where many of the existing Kratom users had reviewed and shared their experiences with suggestions of dosage and frequency of consumption. Such detailed reviews would help new users to choose an informed decision on this herb.

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