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Thailand’s Bond with Kratom

The motherland of Kratom medicinal drug is Thailand. Thailand, a Southeast Asian country known for its tropical beaches and ancient temples is the origin of Kratom. Mitragyna speciosa also known as Kratom, is a tree used as a substitute to opium, an addictive drug. It gives a pleasant feeling when chewed and has many advantages. Kratom trees grows everywhere in Thailand and became an amazing plant.Labour used to work many hours in the fields to get more profits. There has been 3000years of history for the usage of this plant in Thailand. It is also referred as poor man’s Marijuana, in some parts of Thai as it’s easy to cultivate and use. Going back to 19th century, Kratom was identified by some botanist in East India Company as a substitute to opium. Its usage is extensively in Malaysia and Indonesia as it has become more affordable to cultivate by rural workers and poor farmers. Thai people used Kratom to chew and in every special occasions and traditional performances. It has become an alternative substitute to alcohol to some groups in the country. As it has become addiction to more people and also due to tax free cultivations, the Thai government has banned the Kratom in 1943.

Reasons why Thai banned Kratom?
Opium trade made the Thai government to levy more taxes and control the black market. Much money was generated in the country economy from the trade of opium. As Kratom is chewed and swallowed, it does not have adverse effects. But due to the opium trade has become popular in the country and the traders are using Kratom to manage their taxes over opium, the ban was ordered over Kratom. The Kratom Act, 1943 was passed and ordered to cut all the existing trees and controlled the business. Though it’s illegal in homeland, many other countries made it legal and started to consume for different illnesses. Still after the ban, people secretly collected it leaves from the forest and used for personal use and trade. People used it publicly after the ban and the act was not actually maintained strict due to its wide spread nature. They started to use in medicines legally as a safe plant. In earliest, 2010, the Thai Office of the Narcotics Control Board reviewed the act of the usage of the drug. Studies indicate that the Kratom can be emerged again recently in Thai.

Kratom is the second illegal drug used in Thailand; its effects should be explained through media. Though many believe it is safe to use and unnecessarily banned, confusion should be cleared by the officials to avoid the addictions and black markets. The medical benefits should be more focused as it is legal in many parts of the world. Unlike opium, Kratom is safe to use and used as traditional medicine in the olden days to cure pains and fevers. The criminal policies over the drug should be changed for the sake of communities as it’s a home country to the plant.

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