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Strengthen Kratom for Long Term Effects

Why Kratom is used?

Kratom has many health benefits like solving your sleeping disorders, treats pain, works as anti-bacterial, and gives strong hormonal changes. As Kratom is fast acting and easily available it has gained huge popularity in some countries. It contains active compounds like alkaloid which, comes from Mitragyna Speciosa tree, gives wonderful results. It has to be grown in rich soil and skilled farmers should work to get the good plants. It is consumed in the form of leaves, dried and powdered. Let’s know the advantages of using the drug:
Removes pain, relieves the stress and keeps you pleasant and calm.
It acts against the bacteria and virus which causes fever. Also acts an anti-inflammatory and anti-viral. Improves immunity by fighting against the        disease spreading germs.
Prevents diabetic effects by controlling the glucose in the blood and ensures normal blood pressure.
Increases sexual desires and energizes the sex hormones by adding more strength. Keeps your mood pleasant and prevents the mood swing.
It helps in overcoming anxiety and depression making the mind cool and also Increases concentration.
It helps you to overcome the sleeping disorders and provides a good health.
Compared to other drugs like opium, it’s less addictive and overcomes addictions.
Above all it is easy to use.

Effects of using Kratom:
Though the drug is not harmful, depending on dosages there will be short-term and long-term effects. If the dosage is low, about 1-5g, results vary from 10 minutes to one hour. But as per the reports, some people feel uncomfortable results in anxiety and high energy. While taking high dosage, above 5g, some may feel like unpleasant and distressed. Due to the combination of chemicals with Kratom, side effects are caused which lasts shorter and are not severe.

The side effects are normally due to high and low dosages. At low dosages some people experiences problems like anxiety and emotional disturbances. It may also lead to weight loss and increased energy. When consumption dosage is moderate and high, it causes some extreme symptoms like constipation, vomiting, itching, dizziness, muscle pains, mental disorder, unusual darkening of skin, Coloring of cheeks into red, fatigue: loss of energy and head-ache. Sometimes it also causes liver disorders.

How to overcome side-effects?
Luckily to overcome the side-effects and harmfulness of the drug, adding strength to the drug is to potentiate. This gives your drug more power. It does not use industrial process, but small home –based techniques are required to potentiate our product. Certain natural herbs and medicinal plants should be added to strengthen the product. By adding those side effects can be prevented while taking dosages. The potentiate added will focus on the enzyme cytochrome P450 present in Kratom and decrease its function. This enzyme is influenced by some types of natural foods. Here are some natural supplements added to the product to fight the effects:
1. Turmeric: This magical Indian spice enhances the power to form desired product and the effects are long lasting.
2. Grape Fruit Juice: Adding grape juice to the Kratom powder can give in long lasting results.
3. Pepper: Uses to detoxify the body added to the powder and consumed for best results.
4. Watercress: Makes the drug more powerful.
Some more minerals which acts as best potentiate:
Valerian: A root which helps to increase the sleep.
Caffeine: With small doses, it can remove sleeping sickness.
Cat’s claw: Increases the capacity of Kratom and boosts energy.

The combinations should be safe to use if prescribed. Unnecessary and wrong combinations can cause severe side effects. However, one should follow the specific doses and mixtures for long lasting effects. By following some more tips, effects will be long lasted:
Avoid smoking
Taking regular breaks when using the dosages.

The combination of potentiators with Kratom gives the user relaxed and energized. Always be alert with the unnecessary side-effects. Always use a trust worthy brand to purchase the product. Enjoy Kratom!

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