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Smoking Kratom: Should You?

Smoking Kratom is a No-No

Users of kratom have been asking if there are any other ways of taking it aside from boiling it like a tea or taking the capsule forms like smoking it. So one of the most popular questions would be, Smoking Kratom: Should You? Some people may just be plainly curious, while others are interested in taking kratom this way because they are not a fan of its bitter taste. Who could blame them? Even those that are not picky when it comes to taste hate it, but the benefits are very effective to just drop it because of the taste.

To put it simply, kratom is expensive especially if you are using the rare strains. So if you are interested in getting the best out of it, then smoking is not the smartest way to take it. and nowadays, smoking is easier and a lot of the younger generations now have been smoking marijuana which is why they would get the idea of smoking kratom too since they are both leaves in the first place. But if you want to know the other reasons why you shouldn’t be smoking kratom, just keep on reading to find out!

Is it OK to smoke Kratom?

Like marijuana, you can smoke kratom. Just take any amounts of leaves and roll it into a joint and light it up. But if you are after the euphoric and high effects of kratom, then you are going to be disappointed because the alkaloids would just vanish and you will only experience a little amount of it. You should think about doing the right way if you really are after these stimulant effects by making sure that you are absorbing the active alkaloids in it. So the answer to the question is: yes. You can smoke kratom as much as you want. But you should know that you most probably wouldn’t be feeling any of its effects this way, only subtle effects that wouldn’t be enough anyway.

What are the “possible” effects of smoking Kratom?

As what has been mentioned above, you will most likely not experience any high effects if you choose to smoke kratom; though there have not been any scientific evidence to prove this, a lot of users that have tried it could attest to this theory. Some beginners who chose to smoke kratom would even think that it does not work which would make them throw the kratom out. But what they don’t know is that they just used it the wrong way. If you are a beginner with using kratom, lucky you. At least now you are aware why your kratom is not working (if you were smoking it in the first place).

If you really are adamant in smoking Kratom

If you really want to smoke kratom, then you should do it in large amounts so that you could at least feel the effects, which would not be so cost-effective because you would be using too much. And some users would recommend adding tobacco leaves so that it would be much easier, though the effects would be very little. But if you are health conscious, then smoking any kind of plant is not advisable because smoke that comes into your lungs is very dangerous. So it’s much better if you swallow or consume it, not smoke it.

Whichever way you want to use kratom, it’s OK and acceptable as long as you don’t smoke it especially if you are after saving your stash. Kratom is a great natural remedy that is capable of giving a lot of benefits as long as you are aware of how to use it.

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