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Shaman’s Garden Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?

It is a New Zealand based company which provides services in terms of importing of medicinal herbs, its natural products and required manufacturing equipment etc. It even provides products like a pure herbal extracts, gums too.

Inventory/Product Line

Initially shaman’s products and along with its samples are collected. Depending on their sample results like shipping their products and making their product availability in online and its required specifications etc. are completely taken into consideration, this company holds a brand image basing upon their products quality assurance and its services. Its hike is good compared to other shipment processes of providing not only kratom products but also importing essential oils and medicinal herbs.


Similarly like all the products and its herbal seeds, its pure extracts point of view, probably you can purchase the product online or you can purchase from many websites that are available. Actually kratom products in the sense its blends, strains etc are in demand worldwide regarding different varieties of blends are available at a reasonable price limits only. But these products are legitimate to deliver efficient means of service with a reasonable cost only. Additionally like all other websites offering discounts termed as coupon codes, it even also provides coupon codes which are essential to receive the product and its dispatch accordingly.


The shipment charges are based on; it is obviously calculated on the weight of the product and the destination travelling is taken into consideration. Shipment processes are carried out in terms of some of the shipment services such as FedEx Express Shipping, USPS express, international packages etc. These will provide their services accordingly to the estimated time delivery only. Generally this company do not ship their kratom products to Australia due to their legal factors as these products whichever imported are already banned in Australia. Similarly most of the products shipments are banned in countries like Indiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee and Vermont.

Customer Service

Kratom Tea for SaleIts delivery is awesome due to its different sources of shipment process but in some cases there is a negative impact of this company is; customers complains about the irresponsibility of their services towards their users in terms of knowing the basic information of their products. In fact the company is not even responding through the customer emails too regarding knowing information about their herbal products too. Therefore it is a drawback of this company in some cases according to consumer reviews. So always check before going for a purchase and in fact due to this negative feedback people are focusing on purchasing herbal related products directly in the market available preferably rather than online transactions.

Payment Options

Regarding different payment methods like VISA, MASTERCARD, e check etc are accepted by this company where the shipment of products that are carried out online.

Reddit Feedback

According to the feedback, by considering overall research reports, these products are somehow efficient and legitimate in their shipping to the defined countries within a scheduled period of time is awesome. Apart of consumer reviews, some sort of misconceptions might happen in rare cases only. Therefore shaman’s garden is legitimate and probably the seeds they produce along with the required products are legal in America as well.

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