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Sacred Kratom Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?

Kratom, Mitragyna speciose, is a plant native to South East Asia. It belongs to the family as that of coffee and gardenias belongs to. The leaves of these plants are known for their medicinal value. It is an herbal remedy for many ailments like muscle cramps, diarrhoea, intestinal infections, and cough. It is also used as an energy booster and pain reliever. There are some anecdotal proofs to say that it may be useful to manage opiate addiction withdrawal symptoms. Researchers are in progress to test it’s as antimalarial effectiveness. Kratom can be purchased online all over the world.


Sacred Kratom is one of the best online vendors to buy Kratom. It offers different strains of Kratom that can give different effects. If you want to try a new variety Kratom for a change, you can select from these products. Some of its products are in capsule form also. Some strains are available as extracts.

Some outstanding strains of sacred Kratom in powder form are Bali Kratom, Borneo white vein, Bentuangie, Green Malaysian, Indonesian, Indo red vein, Maeng Da,Red Vein Borneo, Red vein Bali, White Maeng Da.

Ultra-Enhanced Indo, Enhanced Maeng Da, Enhanced Bali are some extract and enhanced Kratoms. A Kratom extract is rich in alkaloid than powder or capsule. This alkaloid is responsible for the effects one gets after using Kratom. Bali capsules, Maeng Da Capsules are some of Kratom Capsules form available in Sacred Kratom.

Sacred Kratom guarantees all strains of Kratom for their quality. All their information like origin, benefits are available on their website.


The cost of the all the products are very affordable. Its product price starts from $9.99 for Bali strain. Most of the strains have average cost so as to make them available to many people. One can buy from as low as 1oz to as high as 1lb.


All orders will be shipped within 24 hours of the order placement, only if the customer address is valid. Address of customer will be checked as a precaution for its validity.

Free shipping will be offered for international orders of $ 300 and domestic orders of $100.

Domestic orders will be shipped on the same day through USPS and generally takes 2-3 business days for their delivery. Because of legal restrictions, there is no delivery for Alabama, Wisconsin Arkansas, Vermont, Indiana, Tennessee, San Diego – CA, Sarasota County – FL, Jerseyville – IL states in USA.

What is Bali KratomAll International orders are also shipped the very same day of order via USPS and generally take 7-14 business days for their delivery. Taxes, Import duties, and charges are extra to be borne by the customer. Because of some legal restrictions, there is no delivery for Australia, Finland, Burma, Denmark, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Malaysia, Sweden, Miramar, Thailand, and Vietnam. All the product delivery starts from California office.

The customer can track their order online once it shipped. Every order has a tracking code with which the customer can verify its status.

Customer Service

Sacred Kratom has 24/7 online customer service. The customer can approach them through an email which can be timely replied.

Payment Options

The Sacred Kratom online store accepts payments through Master Card, Visa, Delta, Maestro, and Paypal. And also it accepts payments in several currencies such as British pound, Australian dollar, New Zealand dollar, Swiss franc, Euro and US dollar. It also accepts bitcoin, the digital currency along with regular payment methods.

Reddit Feedback

The customer feedback on sites like Reddit reveals the fact that they are very happy with Sacred Kratom products. They are happy for the effects they got after using its products like Green Sumatra. They are also happy for the fast delivery of the product by the site.

Bottom Line

Sacred Kratom is one of the best online vendors for Kratom. They have various strains of Kratom that can give different feels and effects. Their quality and delivery speed seems to be good. They provide all the information about the product and some products are available in capsule and extract form also.

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