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Quitting Kratom: A How-To Guide for Overcoming Addiction


Kratom is also known as Mitragyna speciosa in many regional areas of Korea. It is a plant from the tropical evergreen tree. The plant has its place in coffee family Rubiaceae. This family of plants is very innate to regions in south east Asia, particularly in countries such as Indochina and Malaysia phytochoria. The plant is known to be of botanical regions. The kratom plant is prominently grown in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Papua New Guinea. The people in these countries use the Mitragyna speciosa seeds, leaves and branches and even the roots for treatment and frivolous uses.

What is the Right Kratom Dosage: Too Much or Too Little?The speciosa has been used as a traditional healing remedy since the 19th century. Since kratom has many opioid and stimulant properties; it is very famous for its healing powers medicinally. However usage has decreased since there are no medical trials being conducted on this plant. The health effects of the plant on human body has not been fully discovered. People in south-east Asia, where the cultivation of the plant is in abundant quantity; use the plant as a medicine for chronic pains or even for recreational purposes. It has been found that the effects of kratom are fully reached within a few minutes and they last up to 5 to 6 hours.

Kratom can be safe and effective to use. It has been used for many years as a natural remedy and as a pain relief medication. The powerful organic stimulants mainly affect the body directly. Many individuals in other countries have started using this medicine for recreation. The good thing is that it has been used as a prescription medicine too. Unlike prescription pain pills, it has few harmful and addictive qualities. Over the years, kratom has gained popularity as a tonic or syrup. This is available in the liquid form which makes kratom even easier to dose and consume. To relieve the symptoms of opiate and opioid withdrawal, Kratom has been turned into an herbal pill. Before adapting to usage of this medicine, people must know about the facts and its long term effects on the human system. Many health centers have violated the use of this pill in terms of public safety. 

kratom do for addictsLike any medicinal drugs, kratom too creates dependency. Hence, tolerance is a major concerning factor related to the use of kratom. Over an extended period of time, it causes extensive dependency. Tolerance of kratom usually occurs when this herbal pill is taken in large doses over a period of time. According to research and surveys, it has been found that most of the kratom users are dependent on this pill. They spend huge sum of money for kratom powder or capsules. It is very important for people to stick to one particular dosage of kratom. Kratom tolerance is developed with the presence of alkaloids in the plant. The active kratom alkaloids interfere in the brain. The receptors of the brain build up and cause the sedative-stimulating effect in the body. Thus, one must ensure to take kratom in the form of cycles and not continuously so that the body does not get dependent on this pill.

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