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Positive and Negative Influences of Kratom and Its Interaction with Other Medications

Kratom today has become a well known recreational drug for its mood enhancing and anti depressant properties. The tree is mostly found in the Southeast Asian countries like Thailand and Indonesia for the tropical climate is quiet suitable for its growth. The leaves of the tree are considered to be the edible part and are known to contain a variety of alkaloids responsible for the psychoactive effects it has on the body. In general kratom can be consumed by chewing the leaves directly or drying the leaves and grinding it to a powder form. Later the powder can be consumed by mixing in water or any other liquid like a glass of juice. Kratom is known to have both positive and negative effects on the human body some of which have been listed below.

Positive or negative influence both depend on the amount of leaves or powder that is consumed. Generally lower does have more of a positive influence like enhancing your mood, increasing concentration and making you feel mentally awake. Now when the concentration is increased it leads to a state of euphoria and causes sedative like effect. A very popular use that kratom has is its ability to make you feel fresh and energetic similar to the influence caffeine creates. Due to the presence of an alkaloid called mitragynine kratom exhibits certain anti depressant like qualities as well. Along with this it is also known to improve your sleep quality as it relaxes the brain greatly. In short we can say that kratom not only is used to experience psychoactive effects but also has medicinal benefits as well.

Positive influences of kratom may be many but if not used in right proportion it can have a series of side effects on the body. Dosage of kratom should ideally range between 5-15 grasper day and anything above then this can cause serious adverse reactions on the body. When used in larger doses kratom has the potency to become addictive. When a person becomes addictive chances of him experiencing hallucination, delusions and confusion increases to a great extentOther then this it is known to causes side effects that are much milder in nature. Some of these include nausea, constipation, drowsiness and a little stomach discomfort. Also it is known to cause a loss in appetite, increased urination, sweating and dry mouth. Consuming kratom with other medications can result in possible drug interactions that could cause adverse effects on the body in the long run.

Some of the important tips to consider while consuming kratom is you should stay hydrated for starters. This is because kratom is known to dehydrate your body over a period of time. Therefore it is very important to drink lot of water. Next it is always advisable to take kratom on empty stomach as a full stomach will require a higher dose. Lastly it is always beneficial to keep a long of your intake as this would help you analyse for any side effects it might be causing.

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