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Mitragyna Javanica Review: Is It a Worthy Kratom Substitute?

Healthy Side of Kratom

Mitragyna is the popular herbal tree in the region of south-east Asia. The tree belongs to the family of Rubiceae. It is known to be a part of genus tree. The members of the genus tree contain many pain reducing properties. They can act as the best natural medicine for anti-malarial and analgesic alkaloids.


The Rubiacae plant is known to be from the largest family of flowering plants. The plant M. Javanica is the fifth in its list. There are various other variants of Mitragyna genere. It is the fifth largest in number of species. The famous among them is Mitragyna speciosa, Mitragyna tubulosa, Mitragyna parvifolia.

The Mitragyna plant is inherent to the region of south-east Asian countries like Thailand, China and other closer regions. It is known as kratom in many regions. It is usually grown in places where it is hot and sultry. Hence, it has got the name of deciduous tree. The plant is extensively used in the region for its mass medicinal properties. The tree is also known as evergreen plant, since it is always good angreen.


The price of Mitragyana Javanica is not too high. It ranges for $15 to $52. It is sold in the form of extracts of leaf and powder. The interesting thing is you can purchase this product online. There are many sites which promises prompt delivery at your destination. The pack is available in 100 gm or 500 gm or 1 kilo grams, sealed envelope.


Any countries have laws against importing or exporting of herbal products. Few sites have limited the sales to countries in Europe or countries in and around the main producing place. If, you visit Thailand or any Asian countries, you can make purchase of this product easily. However, make sure you know about your countries, legal information. If you belong from countries like USA or Europe, you may not be allowed to carry plants, herbs or leaves from other countries. Hence, know about legal things before making purchases.

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Kratom Tea for SaleMitragyna Javincia is sold as a exfoliating product. It is being sold from research botanical only. When one consumes Mitragyna Javanica, they might experience some negative consequences. Although, evaluated by the FDA, it might show side-effects depending on one’s body. The customer service of the sites, help you by providing all the required information related to purchase and consumption of the product. By purchasing you agree to our terms of service and that you are at least 18 years of age. Mitragyna Javincia is from a set of small trees that are mainly grown in Southeast Asia. The leaves of the tree are popular since, they have both stimulating and relaxing effect on the mind.

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The product can be purchased using credit or debit card. It depends on the online site, through which you make a purchase.

Reddit Feedback

Many customers have found it to be effective. They have also used it with green tea or any other kind of beverage. It has been found to be the best kind of healer and a perfect therapeutic medicine.

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