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Leave the Oxycontin and Use Kratom

Why you should go all natural

Most drugs and pain killers are usually not enough to help you control the pain that you are feeling. Which is why some people turn to herbal remedies that are proven to be very effective and has other benefits aside from the fact that it can help with chronic pain. One such herb is called kratom which is harvested in Southeast Asia by the locals. It has so many abilities and wonderful properties that one would definitely be curious about.

One such pain killer is called opioid which can manage moderate to severe pain depending upon the dosage that your doctor prescribed you with. Oxycontin is another term for these pain killers which is already considered a narcotic. It has many pros and cons which is why you should Leave the Oxycontin and Use Kratom instead. The biggest difference between the two is that oxycontin is very dangerous once you don’t take the right dose. You don’t want to put yourself in a bad situation, right? So you should always choose what’s safer, but is still able to give you the benefits that you are looking for.

What makes Oxycontin dangerous?

There are many don’ts when it comes to using this narcotic pain killer. For one, if you have asthma or any other breathing problems, oxycontin is not the medication for you. This might be a problem especially if this medication is the only one that could help manage your pain. Another point that you need to bear in mind is that you are not allowed to use oxycontin if you have any blockage in your stomach or in your intestines. When asking for a prescription of this drug, you will need to let your doctor know if you have any brain injuries or conditions, have any history with drug abuse, or if you are pregnant. The latter is very important because your baby might come out being dependent with the drug and can cause dangerous withdrawal symptoms.

Overdosing with Oxycontin can mean life-threatening effects

Once you are aware that you may have overdosed with this drug, seek medical attention right away. The effects will be severe and can be fatal especially to those that are younger. You may feel very slow breathing, severe muscle weakness, clammy skin, and more. Any narcotic drug is a threat if used improperly.

The dreaded side effects of Oxycontin

Narcotic drugs or medicines can cause shallow breathing so an overdose can also mean death if your breathing becomes too weak. If you experience slow heartbeats, shallow breathing, severe drowsiness, seizures, sexual problems, and feeling light-headed, just call your doctor immediately.

Why you should always choose Kratom as pain reliever

Kratom is natural and a great alternative to dangerous drugs and medications like oxycontin. The side effects are not that severe and one example is nausea. You can experience different benefits and effects depending on your dose. It can help in boosting your mood and energy, give you that euphoric feeling while alleviating your pain.

Oxycontin is very dangerous compared to kratom which is seen as an illegal substance. Because of the very low studies with kratom, people don’t know its many capabilities. So, what would you choose? Something that could potentially kill you, or something that has many benefits that could aid you in different aspects of life?

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