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Kratora Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?

Kratora is an online website where quality ethnobotanicals from Asia, Africa and South America areas are available all at one place. These products come with a warning that the consumer must be 18 years of age and above only. These substances are for incense and ethnobotanical research only and not for human consumption.

Kratom usage was in practice in Indonesia, Malaysia, Southeast Asia, Myanmar where it was generally used as a pain reliever concoction along with cocoa. It gives a euphoric, mood enhancing property has been used by many for recreational purpose. Native users used it as an medicine where consumers now use in for aroma or cyclic usage instead of anti-biotics or prescription drugs. This aspect of Kratom has long been discussed but no steps have been taken for clinical trials. These days it is readily available online which becomes easy for it use in common households also. But before ordering some light should be thrown upon Kratom.

Product Line

Products are botanical plant products from different regions known for their mood-enhancing, calming, soothing, relaxing, stimulating and aphrodisiac qualities. They mostly include different varieties of Kratom, Kava kava, Blue Lotus, Kanna, Muria Puama, Sakae Na. All these products are euphoric, energizing and soothing aroma.


What is the Right Kratom Dosage: Too Much or Too LittleUsually the prices are based on the amount of quantity ordered by the consumer. 1 oz. or 28 gm of MALAY costs about $12.99. All the variants of kratom are in the same range except for enhanced and genetically modified products like Ultra enhanced Indo 5 gms which costs about $45.99.


Shipping to many states within USA and world is restricted as it is illegal in those states and countries where sale of Mitragyna Speciosa is prohibited. Several states in USA like Alabama, Indiana, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Tennessee and Florida are prohibits their sale, while countries like Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, England and many other countries also have banned.

In countries where it is allowed shipping is done by professional shipping carriers like USPS and USPS Priority mail with a certain cost. Over $50 order will receive free 2-3 priority shipping. International shipping can also be done by USPS priority mail or Express EMS. But in should be registered that Import duties, taxes, and custom charges are to be borne by the customer and not the seller.

Customer Service

Kratora can be contacted and asked for their customer service by phone or by submitting a request on their website. There is also a chat window where one can leave their message and their service agents would respond.

Payment Options

There are many options like paying online using card or bitcoin. Kratora has a verified online payment service where customer need not be afraid of malware or phishing networks. They also use Bitcoin which is a secure line of payment for international transactions.

Redditt Feedback

There have been mixed reviews by customers on reddit. Many have commented that their website is the most secured and reliable kratom is on sale. There are also some comments which speak about the prices of products being too high.

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