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Kratom Used For Soap Manufacture

Kratom is not only used for oral consumption but various products are made out of kratom extract for external usage. Kratom products are quite popular and as they are free of synthetic chemicals and are plant based products which many of the people are switching to after considering the harmful effects caused by the used by the number of chemicals used to make soap. The great thing about kratom is that it can be used in a variety of ways which may baffle a common man. Kratom can brewed, baked and cooked too. It’s amazing to note that it can be make into various products which can be replaced by many harmful chemical induced substances which are not only harmful to the body and by replacing them you are nourishing the body with kratom benefits.

Kratom extracts have been used to make soap apart from a large variety of other products which are incense used for aroma therapy, but soaps have got many takers in the market due to the following benefits
It is chemically stable product.
It gives a deep cleansing effect.
Its good at exfoliating and removing the dead skin in the process.
Improves circulation.
Makes the skin smooth.
It detoxifies the body.
Anti bacterial properties.

The making of these soaps are easy and it can be done at home too. You would need the following
Kratom powder of your choice
The essential oils such as lavender, tea tree oil, sandal wood oil, coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, etc.
Various other combos such as Irish seaweed, turmeric, jojoba, Shea butter, etc.
Glycerin soap base
Mounding trays
The quantities will depend on the size of your module tray and how many soap bars you want to make.

The precautions that have to be taken while making a kratom soap are as follows.
Use gloves and goggles during the making.
Cover the entire working surface with newspaper.
There will splashes and spills and careful check on the temperature and handling will help you get there.
It should be noted, water should never be added to the mixture, and this kind of mistake can lead to an explosion.
It should be ensured that the place is well ventilated and it is out of reach of children or pets.
All the residue after the making the soap and the utensils used should be kept away in place where it is out of reach of others till there are cleaned up.
Traditionally it has long been used for the following reasons
It relieves one of anxiety and stress.
The muscle tensions are calmed.
Takes away chronic pain.
Helps in curing sleeplessness.
It helps to get rid of tiredness
It decreases pain and aches.
Lowers blood pressure.

These effects can see just after fifteen to twenty minutes of usage of the soap. This is because of the anti oxidants present in the kratom leaf.

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