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Kratom Products: What Can Be Made with Kratom? Soaps, Candles and More

Kratom scientifically known by the name Mitragyna Speciosa is widely found in the South eastern countries like Indonesia and Malaysia. The tree is much prevalent in these countries for their leaves are known to produce psychoactive effects when ingested. These effects produced by kratom leaves are similar to those produced by opioids. They have the potency cause stimulation, sedation and in some cases both the effects are also seen. Since these plants have been majorly found in South East Asia, the uses of these leaves have been prevalent there. Traditionally the workers in these countries have used the leaves to increase their energy and stamina. This eventually reduced fatigue and helped them to work for longer hours. Hence forth the leaves gained prominence and have also been used as a recreational drug due to its psychoactive effects.

The effects of Kratom have known to carry according to the dosage that is taken. Only stimulation occurs when taken in lower doses. While the leaves have quite a euphoric effect when taken in higher doses. The leaves over the years have been put o many other uses as well like due to its analgesic properties they have been used to treat pain. Kratom is also known to help you cope up from withdrawal symptoms due to the usage of opiates. Other than being used as a recreational drug or for medical usage the leaves are also known to posses great skin care properties as well. The leaves are known to provide holistic alternatives to the cosmetic beauty products to benefit in more than one way. The beauty products manufactured from Kratom help in improving skin tone, complexion and over all well being of the body. Soaps have been a popular beauty product making use of kratom.

People have reported to benefit immensely from the use of kratom soaps as it helps bring out the blemish free skin by clearing the itchy and patchy skin. The soap has been quiet popular across the world for its amazing therapeutic properties. The main ingredients of the soap constitute coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, some sodium hydroxide and a cup of distilled water along with some kratom. The soaps can be easily prepared at home in about a period of 4-6 weeks. The other beauty products were kratom has been used includes body scrubs, oils, bath bombs, rash paste and many more.

But if not used appropriately the kratom leaves can cause serious side effects as well. Since the drug is similar to opioids the side effects are also somewhat similar. These include sedation, sweating, nausea, dry mouth, loss of appetite, itching, dizzies, constipation and increased urination. Therefore to minimize the side effects maintaining proper dosage of the drug is important. When you take about 1-5 grams of the leaves it is known to produce a mild stimulatory effect. When taken in higher doses that is ranging from 5-15 grams one experiences something like euphoria. Any dosage exceeding then this can lead to serious side effects.

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