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Kratom Erowid: What Does the Website Have to Say About Kratom?

Erowid, or which is also known as Erowid Center, is a non-profit educational organization which provides a variety of information regarding chemicals and psychoactive plants. They also dig in information about all the activities and technologies that are associated with meditation, electroceuticals, lucid dreaming, and transcranial magnetic stimulation.

The organization owns a website where both legal and illegal substances together with their contrary effects are tackled. To sum up everything, what they do is they act like a publisher as they provide information found in their library of both images and documents that are circulated elsewhere.

About Kratom

The website talks about Kratom which is also called as ketum, thom, kakuam, and mambog. Its effects are classified as an intoxicant, stimulant, and depressant. Kratom grows around 3-20 meters tall and its leaves contain mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

Traditional information about Kratom

Kratom is traditionally used in Thailand and Malaysia. This plant is famous in being a narcotic drug in its own right. It is also utilized as a substitute for opium. Kratom is in different types mainly known by the color of their veins. The green-veined type acquires a stronger effect followed by the red and white-veined. In Australia, both white and red veins are said to occur at different time and in dissimilar plant which were known to be cloned from the same mother plant.

At the time, Kratom is used by chewing its leaves. Some even grind them up or eat them fresh. Some prefer to dry the leaves first before consuming. There are also villagers in the country who cooks them. It is also a tradition to the country to smoke the leaves and make them into tea. In Thailand, users of Kratom are farmers and laborers. These folks commonly use the plant because of their burdensome work, so to ease it. There are also people out there in the country who use the plant to give to their daughters in marriage. It is because these people believe that Kratom users are hardworking compared to those who are taking marijuana.

The legal status of Kratom in:

● The US Federal Law

In the United States, a lot of people are already using Kratom but it is unrestrained by the country. With that, all parts of the plant are legal to use. These parts include not just the leaves, but the extracts as well. People, aside from using and buying these leaves, can also sell and distribute them to other parts of the world which accepts Kratom as lawful. What’s more, a license or even a prescription is not required to do the job.

When it comes to selling the plant as a supplement, sales obtained should obey to the United States supplement laws. But when sold as consumption, sales are usually controlled by the FDA.

● The US State Law

As of August 2016, Kratom has not been controlled in most US states. There are still some states which are facing incomplete legislation. These states include Vermont, Arizona, and Massachusetts.

Positive things in Erowid’s website

Erowid provides tons of lists of articles and reviews regarding Kratom. In fact, they have divided them into categories such as tips for users, medical industry uses, general information about the plant, valuable effects for first time users, negative effects and experiences, and combinations of diverse strains to acquire more powerful results.

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