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Kratom Crazy: Is This a Legit Vendor?

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There is a wealth of kratom vendors selling kratom products online, but not all of them are as legitimate as they might seem at first glance. Shady vendors have popped up left and right ever since the FDA began attempting to ban kratom or heavily regulate it. In the last few years, we’ve seen consumers burned by vendors who sold them weak kratom, fake kratom or synthetically-enhanced kratom disguised as “pure kratom powder.”

Today, it is important to do your research before selecting a kratom wholesaler. Kratom Crazy is a North Carolina-based company that has been around since 2014, but they don’t have nearly as much word of mouth as many other top kratom vendors.

For this reason, it behooves us to give you a thorough overview of their operation, their products and their reputation among consumers. To do this, we’ve sampled their product, contacted their customer support staff and carefully vetted them to ensure that they meet all proper standards.

Kratom Crazy Review

Coming to you straight outta the Old North State (NC), this vendor embodies the values of their home turf. They are a family-owned operation with a staunch commitment to quality and transparency. One of the first things you see on their homepage is a mission statement making it clear that the company was founded on a desire to deliver premium kratom powder at a good price.

One of the next words they use is “sustainability,” and that sustainability can be felt when ordering from them. They have a very obvious understanding of how imperative it is for a company to put their customers first and their pockets second.

Instead of charging astronomical prices for sub-par products, they are focused on receiving feedback from their customers, building a widespread network of trusted farmers from which to source their quality kratom strains and providing reliable customer service to one and all who visit their site.kratom crazy money back guarantee

Another thing that is impossible to not notice when visiting the site is their 100% money back guarantee. It’s slapped all over each page in case you miss it at some point and while just about anybody could offer an empty promise, this vendor stand by their claim.

After ordering 28 grams of their Maeng Da, I found that it was a lit bit clumpy, perhaps because of the humidity we’ve been experiencing over the last few months. I asked if I could return it and they responded almost immediately.

I was given the option of a full refund or a replacement bag. I opted for the latter, just to give them the benefit of the doubt. Surprisingly, this batch was finely ground and free of clumps. Add to that the potent effects induced from burning a single dose and I’d have to say that their Maeng Da is up there with the top Maeng Da strains on the market.

Some snooty kratom enthusiasts might balk at the overall lack of diversity in their store. After all, there aren’t any kratom extracts or kratom shots. But in terms of solid as a rock kratom powders, this vendor has got everything one could really need or want.

Customers can choose between white, red and green strains, covering everything from Bali and Borneo to Thai and Indo. Their Super Green Malay is another top seller and it’s obvious why that is. This one is powerful stuff and is just as fresh and aromatic as their traditional strains.

Unlike other vendors who don’t offer bulk kratom powder, Kratom Crazy sells as much as 5 kilos at a time. Prices vary from $19.99 for 28 grams to $429.99 for 5 kilos. Other products include the botanicals Akuamma, Mitragyna Hirsuta and Mitragyna Javanica. All three botanicals start at $11.99 each.

In addition to their premium powders, the site also provides a detailed blog with a ton of useful information about kratom, from a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about the M. speciosa plant to interviews with kratom lobbyists, reviews of different strains and posts about up-to-the-minute kratom news.

Their FAQ page is a useful, user-friendly tool that tells you everything you need to know about their shipping methods, payment options, return policy and so forth. I was also impressed by how clear and easy to read their privacy policy and terms of purchase were. They don’t try to pull the wool over their customers’ eyes and that’s something all kratom users should appreciate.kratom capsules

Closing Thoughts

This vendor is a legitimate source for quality kratom at an affordable price. Although there are plenty of vendors out there who have generated more buzz, Kratom Crazy’s powders speak for themselves.

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