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Kratom News and Turner’s Story

Kratom has been known a lot for its medicinal effects to cope with many different conditions. Andrew Turner’s story is remarkable and you can watch it here:


Turner suffers from:

He consumes a small amount of powdered leaf of kratom once a day to treat his conditions.

During the month of October 2016, he stopped taking kratom for six days and recorded his life without kratom to give the world a taste of what a kratom ban would feel like for those who really need it.

As he struggles to communicate due to his twitches, he mentions that “the pharmaceutical measures don’t really help; they typically make these issues a little bit worse.”

On his 6th day without the plant he mentions that if he keeps up his kratom-free life he will probably lose the ability to speak in a few days.

Turner’s story serves as one of many examples of how kratom has allowed people to stop using prescription opiates or even avoid them!

On another follow-up video Turner comments:

“For a long time I’ve worked with doctors and the DOD to manage my symptoms…turned out that with just a little bit each morning, I was able to stop using opiates…large amounts of Vicodin, Percosets. I haven’t taken any in months…I can do things on my own again without others helping me.”

To find more veterans story you can check out YouTube under the hashtag #IAmKratom

The DEA was trying to ban this plant under schedule 1 drug meaning:

“…they can ban a drug immediately without the permission from Congress.”

A Schedule I drug as stated by the DEA is:

“…drugs, substances, or chemicals are defined as drugs with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.”

In more speciosa news, the American Kratom Association has responded to kratom business being targeted they stated that:

The AKA fully supports appropriate regulatory actions against any adulterated substance that poses a danger to the public health. The demonization of kratom, which appears to have originated in unjustified accusations that kratom is an “opioid” that has led to deaths of consumers. has proven to be completely false. This outdated and inaccurate information should not be the basis for any regulatory or business decision by any organization.

They also exhort LegiScript to immediately withdraw their action like the DEA did in October of last year. There is no strong viable reason to target businesses and shut them down that are working to help out people in need.


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