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Kratom and Alcohol: Can You Mix the Two?

Why you should never mix Kratom and Alcohol together

Kratom and Alcohol: Can You Mix the Two? It’s not a trick question and certainly will need a good amount of explanation. Frankly speaking, if you can avoid it, if you have other fluids there like water or juice take it with Kratom instead because mixing it with alcohol is a bad idea.

Given that Kratom is widely known to be a stimulant and a downer all at the same time. The drug is used as a treatment for people in pain, with depression and anxiety, also a good drug to boost energy for the people that need more energy to last the day and survive their shift.

Why it’s a bad idea? alcohol is a downer and Kratom is a downer, think about it; two depressant substance taken. There had been noted that this maximized the effects of the medicine which is pretty much a bad idea and dangerous downers affect neurotransmitters making it slow, doubling the effects is dangerous for people that are walking, driving, you will even be prone aspiration and you will only be good in lying down and nothing more. People taking opioids don’t take alcohol and this is the same thing because it maximizes the effects making you or considering you to even be overdosed on depressants. And besides, the last thing you want is you herbal working against you.

Kratom Hangover: As absurd as it might sound there is such a term. You can only get it if you mix another downer with Kratom and in your case an alcohol. Why doesn’t people taking Kratom take alcohol? because of the Kratom hangover, it solely defeats the purpose why you are taking Kratom in the first place.

Kratom is a herbal medicine: let’s not be wrong in this, this plant was only abused when it was commercialized, but when it was still undiscovered and was solely being used by Indonesians this wasn’t abused. It was taken lightly and was considered a wonder plant. Indeed it is for the right people taking this plant/medicine. The natives that take this plant would never even knew and would never have guessed if it’s a perfectly good idea to mix it with alcohol because they don’t take alcohol on a daily basis and probably only take it on rare occasions.

It wasn’t the natives that abused the plan:, it was when it was commercialized that people took it more than the usual and took it with other substances. This is why many government agencies had been studying and trying to find ways to tag this as a controlled substance because it’s properties makes it prone for abuse.

There are a lot of misinformation online: We can even say that despite it being sold commercially, many people still don’t know how to use this plant properly. There are even a ton of misinformation about this drug circulating online that puts this herbal medicine to shame when it shouldn’t be. The only reason why this drug got its negative status is because of the misinformation and the lack of information that caused the mishandling of this herbal medicine.

If you plan to take this drug regardless if it’s for energy or to treat pain, anxiety or depression it’s best that you consult some experts about the drug. This is because this medicine is prone for abuse and you need to effectively manage this drug in order to harness it’s potential.

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