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Knowing About Kratom

Kratom is a plant belonging to the coffee family, it main existence has been in found in Asian countries and some parts of Africa. This plant was used in traditional medicine and used to cure chronic pain and then it found its way to treat withdrawal symptoms in opium addicts. Now it is largely being used for recreational purposes by many individuals.

Basically it is not an approved drug and no medical trials have been undertaken either to ascertain its benefits or ill effects. Though users say it gives a high which lasts for two to five hours. This can be seen within five minutes to ten minutes of consumption. The side effects were nausea, seizure, addiction, vomiting, psychosis, increase in blood pressure and insomnia.

Inventory/ product line
The Kratom products that are available in many forms such as
Kratom capsules which are gelatine capsule of one gram each which is dissolvable.
Kratom extract is of half gram strength and easily dissolvable too.
Kratom powder is to be used in 100 micron strength which is duly cultivated and harvested to get the best product.
Kratom sample packs contain every strain of the products sold and they usually come in packs of ten.
Kratom soaps are available with natural ingredients, if you don’t want to ingest, it can be used as a beauty ingredient.
Kratom tea which You can avail in different blends.

The prices are reasonable and well within reach. There are pretty good offers when you purchased in bulk or more than a particular amount specified by the brand. There many popular brands available and they include natural ingredients as specified in the label with the quantities. There are great gift card offers and vouchers that can be availed if you are a regular purchaser.

There is a good option of getting free shipping with your consignment. With a quick dispatching system in place where a track of your order is kept and made known to you too so you will be able to know when exactly the product will be in your hands for usage. The priority of the order placed is kept in mind while shipping the Kratom product.

Customer service
There is an efficient service laid out for the user to fill out every detail so that the consignment reaches them successfully. There are terms and conditions that will help you understand the process well and they help you keep track of your consignment too.

Payment options
The payment can be paid through credit card and PayPal invoice which will be informed through email. The support team will guide you through the whole process and help you make the payment the right way.

Reddit feedback
There are reviews and testimonials available for the buyers to check out before purchase and make sure about the benefits people have got using Kratom and its other products.

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