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Keep Kratom Legal in NC!

Keep Kratom Legal

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new NC State Senate bill that aims to make kratom illegal, not just illegal but a Schedule I drug like heroin.

That means if you’re caught with kratom, you could spend hard time behind bars. Oh, and your favorite reliable kratom company, Coastline Kratom , would go out of business as we’re located in lovely North Carolina.

In a time when marijuana is winning legality across the U.S., it seems absurd that kratom, an herb that has been used for centuries, and that many use to keep themselves from illegal drugs, could itself become illegal.

Unfortunately, this is what has already happened in Indiana, Wisconsin, and Tennessee. One day kratom is legal, the next day its not. Any users or merchants can find themselves behind bars.

Maybe it could happen in your state? To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson, the only thing necessary for tyranny to gain a foothold is for is for people of good conscience to remain silent.

Since we are a merchant, we cannot legally comment of the medicinal qualities of kratom, although we are proud to say that we receive at least one email a week from grateful customers telling us how our product has saved their lives (you’re so welcome!)

You as a private individual, however, can speak, about how kratom has changed your life, or the life of someone you know. You can say whatever you want to our law makers, as long as you tell your story, because if you remain silent, tyranny gains its foothold.

We are including actions you can take to stop this bill:

1. Leave your Facebook comment  on the actual NC Legislature page for the bill and share this information with any interested parties. As you will see, the NC Legislature page is already being flooded with comments about the importance of keeping kratom legal. We have to imagine that this has an impact.

2. Contact NC Legislature members and the Governor  directly.  You can even reach out to State Senator McInnis, the primary sponsor, through his Facebook page  (did we mention he’s up for re-election?) and respectfully share your story. It appears as if he has recently sponsored some bills regarding drug rehabilitation, and it appears to have misunderstood the effects of kratom and the dangers of making it illegal (pain killer overdoses anyone? )

3. Support our lobbying efforts through our Gofundme page.

Why does Coastline Kratom have a Gofundme page?

Because we along with a handful of our kratom merchant friends are spearheading this lobbying effort in North Carolina.

We have been involved in North Carolina politics for several years and have the good fortunate of calling several elected officials friends and allies.

I, Josh Fulton, the owner of Coastline Kratom, reached out to the Botantical Legal Defense Foundation to be of assistance in this fight. Unfortunately, I have not heard back from them since I reached out.

That said, this is not meant to be an indictment of them. I reached out to them only a little more than 24 hours ago, and under no reasonable circumstances should they necessarily be viewed as having to get back to every email or message within such a short amount of time!

Yet we can’t let niceties stand in the way of keeping kratom legal. Let me demonstrate how important it is to act swiftly.

This bill to outlaw kratom was introduced on May 10th. It was first read in the State Senate on May 11th.  It is now listed as “25% complete”. This means it could quickly pass the Senate, which is exactly what just happened in Alabama with their lightning-fast passage of a bill that made kratom illegal.

Instead of waiting for someone’s approval, we at Coastline Kratom and our allies reached out to a friendly acquaintance and former State Senator, a member of the “Long Leaf Pine” (the “in” crowd in the NC political world), who has recently been doing lobbying work in Raleigh since leaving office only a few years ago.

Although we won’t disclose the actual costs to contract this individual’s services, they were substantial.

But we believe its worth it to increase the chances of keeping kratom legal as high as possible. We believe a former State Senator, of the same party as the one introducing the bill, would be more influential than anyone sent by a nationwide kratom lobbying organiztion, not to discourage anyone else from joining the fight in whatever role they see appropriate.

So, we got it done right and spent the money, but since this benefits everyone we would appreciate if others would chip in on the costs on our Gofundme page.

We will stop the fundraising at $10k as we don’t want anyone to feel like they are being used, but we assure you that we will not profit off of any of the money raised from this action.

Thank you.

Your friend in Health and Liberty,

Joshua Fulton
CEO, Coastline Kratom

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