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Kava vs Kratom

Kava, a small shrub found throughout the South Pacific is a plant belong to the pepper family. As an all the rage social drink similar to alcohol, is an integral part of the social gatherings in Polynesian culture. The root and stems of this shrub is the main source of the drink. By placing the stems and roots in to a sack, submerged with water the juice is squeezed into a wooden bowl. They have the similar relaxing effects of alcohol. They are also used to improve cognitive performance as well as mood. Best part of it is it doesn’t impact mental clarity and help you to sleep better.

It can also be applied to the skin for few skin problems.

Besides there are also few side effects like:
May cause temporary yellowing of nails and hair
Cause an allergic skin reaction
Shortness of breath
Liver problems

Member of a rubiaceae family, kratom can be consumed either by drying and smoking, chewing, tablets or extracts or boiling into a tea. It is mostly used to limit the fatigue, and for the improvement of stamina and energy.

Both provide you the same effects of sedation and euphoria.
Method of consumption of both the drugs are also similar that can be chewed directly or can be consumed in the pill form.
Kratom makes you energetic and hyperactive with small doses and relieves pain and create sedative effects with high doses. Whereas kava acts as muscle relaxant and reduce stress.
Both drugs are different not entirely, though in reality they can be used to treat the psychological and similar physical conditions and also for recreational purposes.
Can be found in the pacific islands and is a member of pepper family
Make you feel relaxed, physically and mentally.
Sourced from the root
It doesn’t not pose the risk of addiction
Contains kavalactones
Accepted in all parts of the world as it is natural and safe.

Can be found in the south east Asia and is a member of coffee family
Acts like opiate and lack the ability to clear the thoughts.
Sourced from the leaves

Main side effect includes the development of tolerance and dependence that makes you addicted
Contain mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine which are opiate agents

Widely banned in many countries due to its side affects

Even they both produce the stimulant and sedative reactions there are more differences than similarities in comparison like chemical makeup, preparation methods, biological effects and the geographical difference like where they are grown. The difference in effects is mainly due to the chemical makeup of each product.
Hence having more of kratom makes you addictive, where kava is not and is best when taken it in the form of tea.

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