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Is Kratom Banned?

Kratom health and legality is found in a gray area because of its recreational and medical properties. While there are some doctors that prescribe the use of the drug, there are some who don’t think highly of it because it can produce an opiate-like high. Information on kratom regarding its legality and other pertinent information can be found on this post.

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has thought about banning kratom but has rescinded their conclusions about the plant and its uses. Kratom ban may still be likely, but no one can be totally certain as to when the placement of the rule will occur. Search for a reliable online source for any information regarding the dea kratom ban update.

Did the DEA ban kratom?

Even though kratom is legal in some areas around the globe, there are some states in the US that don’t allow any action regarding the selling or use of the drug or any of its forms. The dea kratom ban exists in areas such as Alabama, Arkansas, and Tennessee. You can check out reliable online sources for any information regarding the kratom ban news if it does take place in several other areas in the future. The fact that the dea bans kratom in some areas is because of several factors. The decision for the placement of the rule as to the existence of the kratom dea ban is because of particular scenarios that have resulted in the overdose of the product. DEA banning kratom might only be the tip of the iceberg, and we might even see the use of bath salts as a drug to be a part of a state’s governing laws soon.

Will there be a ban on kratom?

Back on August 31, 2016, the DEA did place the intent to temporarily ban kratom, specifically that of the mitragynine and 7-HMG alkaloids. The administration expressed interested in making the plant as a schedule 1 substance for several areas in the US. However, if you’re wondering, “did kratom get banned,” or “is kratom banned?” Know that banning kratom only took place in some locations in the US. Now, is kratom going to be banned or is kratom being banned right at this very moment? At the time of writing, there is very few information regarding the DEA’s plans on pursuing their nationwide ban on the substance. However, the possibility still exists. The DEA even gave the public until the deadline of December 2016 if kratom should be banned or not. The kratom ban december 2016 lead to the results of the controlled substance to have only been banned in certain areas around the United States.

Always remember that the idea to ban kratom is still on the table, and the DEA hasn’t formally dismissed the issue just yet. The dea ban against kratom may still take place in the near or far future, but reports are still uncertain as to when that exact date will take place. For now, if you’re a kratom user because of medical reasons, it’s important to secure a reliable source of the drug before a ban gets enforced in your area.

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