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How to Recognize Kratom Addiction and Its Withdrawal Symptoms

There are many strains and colors in Kratom. It can be consumed in different ways like toss and wash, in the formof tea, along with yogurt or protein shake. The resultant effects vary with the strain,color and intake methods besides the dosage. Some strains can make you addict faster to them than others.

Is Kratom Addictive? How to recognize the addiction?

Yes, it is. Kratom is an herbal product with many medicinal values. Apart from its medicinal values, many people will use it as anenergy booster and mood enhancer. It will give stimulating effects and euphoric feeling. It can provide peace and calm to mind thus gives relaxing feelings. So many people prefer to use it. If it is taken now and then low doses will be sufficient and you can get effects quickly but if it is taken regularly you have to take larger doses to get stimulating effects and slowly you will start depending on that and you will become addicted to that.
How to recognize your Kratom Addiction

You cannot realizeKratom addiction when taking it regularly and enjoying its effects. To check if you are addicted to Kratom or not, try to stop or cut down your regular dosage. If you are not able to control yourself from taking Kratom you are addicted to it. If you are addicted you may also experience frequent mood swings, feeling very thirsty, frequent urination, more anger, and anxiety.

Signs or Symptoms of Kratom Addiction

1. Users may have to increase thedosage of Kratom to get required stimulating effects than before.
2. Constipation is one of the major symptoms of Kratom addiction as it is for many opiate drugs. It warns you about Kratom addiction.
3. People who are suffering from addiction will try to maintain thesecrecy of their problems.
4. Kratom addicted person will constantly think of that and try to have it always. They literally crave for that and without that they cannot behave normally. They may become more anger or feel more anxiety if their regular dosage is reduced. If they have the effect of the Kratom on their body they may live in their own world without having any concerns about their surroundings.
5. The addicted person may need it daily or multiples time a day.
6. The addicted can have withdrawal symptoms when they are trying to cut down or stop Kratom after getting addicted to that. Some of the withdrawal symptoms are:
These withdrawal symptoms may be mild but one will definitely experience at least few of them. To prevent withdrawal symptoms the addicted person will buy more quantity of Kratom so as not to fall short of it. They will try to hide it in workplace or house and wants to maintain secrecy.
If anyone is experiencing such signs or symptoms means they are addicted to Kratom. So try to overcome it by appropriate treatment to save health and even money of addicted persons.

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