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How to Identify Kratom Abuse

Kratom powder is a natural medicine obtained from the dried leaves of Kratom. No other artificial product will be added to this and is a herbal product. Kratom is a plant which grows abundantly in Southeast Asia. There they used to take this as a medicine for many health problems including diarrhea, cough, opiate addiction, pains, and digestion problems. It can be taken mostly by the labor after theirhard work, to get rid of their body pains and to boost their energy and mood.

Kratom – Use vs. Abuse
Consuming Kratom in right quantities and particularly as a medicine won’t cause any side effects. And one can enjoy the fullest of the Kratom if it is taken in right quantities in right time only.

If you abuse or misuse Kratom means if you take it in wrong doses or in wrong time, it will definitely lead to health problems. Excess use of Kratom will impact your health, physique and even your behavior.

Kratom is easily addictive. In many places of the world, it doesn’t have any medicinal value. People use it mainly to boost their energy and mood. It will also give peace and tranquillity feeling for those who use it. Different strains and different colorKratom will give different effects. Kratom potency and the effects caused by it vary based on the location, climate, cultivating methods it is grown. So users have to change their dosage, when the strain they got is changed, to get required stimulant or euphoric effects. So there is a chance of excess or less usage of Kratom and so it is abused.

Kratom has about 20 active compounds and important of them are 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine. They can activate nervous systems and the overdosage may affect that badly.

Low doses, generally less than 5g of leaves, may cause stimulation effects like more alertness, decreased appetite, increased energy, reduced fatigue, anxiety, tremors and impaired coordination.

Larger doses of Kratom generally may cause opiate-like effects such as sedation, euphoria, nausea, itching, constipation, and dysphoria.

Effects of Kratom abuse
People use Kratom to enhance their mood and to get relaxing effects. It is also used to keep them active in social gatherings, sports, and other physical activities.Few use it with alcohol or other drugs which is not at all suggestible.

The most common effects of Kratom abuse are insomnia, nausea, vomiting, loss ofappetite, weight loss and constipation, tremors, anxiety, and sedation. Kratom abuse may cause even more harmful effects when taken in combination with other drugs, alcohol, and even prescribed medicines. Some compounds of Kratom can interfere with chemicalsof other drugs and can damage theliver. These drugs interactions can cause disturbance to the metabolism of the medicationand can cause consequences from seizures to liver damage.

Bottom Line
One may not identify themselves whether they are properly using Kratom or abusing it while consuming it. But they can identify by the signs and symptoms they have. Appropriate use of Kratom may not cause any side effects but abuseKratom may cause many side effects related to body and mind also.

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