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How Can Kratom Work as a Methadone Alternative

Sometimes people have a hard time dealing with pain therefore resort to pain medication such as Methadone. While effective in pain relief, Methadone is considered a narcotic opioid which means it can only be acquired with a prescription. Aside from that, too much dependency on the narcotic may lead to addiction and since it is a very potent opioid, an overdose of the narcotic may lead to life threatening effects.

Not only is Methadone used for pain medication, it can also be used by recovering addicts who suffer from withdrawals to opiates; it helps by lessening the desire of the individual to take opiates such as meth. While helpful, the risks are still the same which is why it can be helpful to consider other less harmful alternatives such as kratom. A lot of people are asking on How Can Kratom Work as a Methadone Alternative, the simple answer to that is because they give relatively the same effects and kratom is a less harmful alternative too.

For pain relief

While basically giving off similar results by way of relieving pain, kratom acts a bit differently compared to Methadone since it is more of a relaxant which means it targets the pain area and relieves it through relaxation, this is mainly due to kratom’s euphoric effect and because it is a natural herbal medicine, the side effects from taking kratom are significantly far less life threatening compared to Methadone. This makes Kratom the winner for this round.

Works well as an opiate alternative

While both kratom and Methadone work well as an opiate alternative for recovering patients who deal with withdrawal symptoms and the possibility of a relapse, they can both be addictive and this can prove to be a problem for people who take Methadone. The complications that come from overdosing from Methadone can be quite severe and life threatening and frankly speaking, it does more harm than good. Kratom on the other hand, while similarly addictive as well, doesn’t have any life threatening risks involved, the worst one may be able to get from taking too much kratom is a hangover that’s similar to that of an alcoholic hangover. Far less health risks make Kratom the winner of round 2.

Easy acquisition

Since Methadone is considered as a narcotic, one cannot simply acquire it over the counter without having a prescription for it. Kratom on the other hand is a natural herb supplement that comes in all forms from powders to extracts to capsules and tea bags which can all be easily acquired online or a shop that sells herbal supplements. This ease of access to kratom compared to Methadone makes it a better remedy.

Not only that, you can even build your own kratom green house if you want, all you need is some fresh kratom seeds and the knowledge on how to make these seeds come to life and you end up self-sufficient on your kratom needs. You can’t plant Methadone pills and expect it to bear fruit now, can you? Apparently kratom wins this round too.

All in all, Kratom seems to be the winner in a side by side comparison against methadone which makes it a prime alternative to the narcotic. Relatively the same results without the life threatening risks make kratom the overall winner in this face off.

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