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Horned Kratom Dosage: How Much Should You Take?

Horned Kratom is one of the species of Kratom plant. It is one of the rarest and difficult for cultivation as well when compared to other variants in Kratom species. Hence it is not easily available in the market and the most costly one among the Kratom.

Horned Kratom is compared with the Maeng Da variant of Kratom due to its colour in veins of the leaves similar to them. But they are different variants with similar qualities and properties. However, Horned Kratom variant is said to be an unpredictive variant where effects are shown differently on the body when consumed.
The horned kratom variant is found mostly in Thailand, Borneo, Indonesia and it is said to be a hybrid variant of Red Borneo Kratom and the Maeng da Kratom. The Upper part of the leaf looks like the Maeng Da and lower is similar to Red Borneo kratom which has red colour veins. Hence it is also called as Red Horned Kratom and rarely found in the regions.

Because of its distinct medical benefits and effects, it is having a high market demand all over the world. But this variant requires stable climate and difficult to cultivate around the year. Hence its availability is limited and cultivated according to the climatic conditions. These Kratom leaves are traded before harvest and farmers gather only Horned Kratom leaves which have red-veins from the matured plants. Farmers don’t club with any other leaves of Kratom while collecting the Horned Kratom variant due to its demand and cost.

The Horned Kratom has various medicinal properties which benefit the human race. It is used for years as a natural way to relieve chronic pains by the natives. When compared with other variants of Kratom this horned kratom leaves effect is more towards the healing of chronic pains and sedative effects in the body.

This variant stimulant and sedative experiences are found only with higher dosages (2 tablespoons of Horned kratom consumption) which is beyond the dosage and one can feel the excitement after ingestion of such a huge amount of Kratom of this variant.

Effects of Horned Kratom are also strong and said to have relaxing and analgesic effects at high doses. Hence it is advisable to consume in the evenings to ease the mood or stress or anxiety and reduce body pains for relaxing benefits. Also, it is suggested to users to exercise caution and do not drive or perform any important activities after its consumption due to its strong sedative effects.

Medicinal benefits are numerous but depending on the body’s response to Kratom, one should consume it with caution as it is highly unpredictable to understand its effects at various stages of life.

Dosage instructions
Since this variant effect on the human body are highly unpredictable every time one consumes, everyone who wanted to consume should exercise utmost caution. It is advisable to start with lower doses and increases them according to the body response and effectiveness. Most of them found immediate effects when they consumed a 1/4th teaspoon of Horned Kratom leaves powder. Hence it is advisable to start with low doses for beginners and increases the dose if it is being used for medical reasons.

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