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Growing Kratom Plants

Since probably you are a regular user of kratom products and since ordering kratom online can sometimes be a hassle and a bit too long to arrive with the shipping and all that, why not try Growing Kratom Plants yourself? Sure they’re not as easy to cultivate as your regular plants, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll find out that you can save a lot more when doing this, also the satisfaction you get from being self-dependent on your kratom supply is worth it. Heck, you might even decide to make a business out of it in the future as well.

Some of the problems you might encounter when trying to grow your kratom plant by yourself is the environment, that’s probably the number one factor right there. Since kratom is usually found in tropical countries like India and Malaysia, trying to grow kratom outdoors might be a bit out of the question especially if you’re in the other part of the world. One of your options might just be making a greenhouse or a greenery indoors and try to replicate the tropical climate there.

The fruit of life

One of the most important factors that can make or break your kratom growing dreams is the seeds. It seems that only the freshest kratom seeds will grow so it is important that you find a supplier that can provide you with the freshest seeds possible, considering time of delivery, shipping and all. Aside from being fresh, you also need a lot of these seeds since they are relatively very small and just to grow a single plant would require you to have a lot of these tiny little herbal seeds. Since there is no real guarantee that the seeds you get are fresh, it’s usually hit and miss though but plant them either way and hope for the best, who knows, with the right temperature and soil conditions, they will grow into the kratom plant you wish for.

Fertility issues

We’re talking about the soil here, people. Your newly acquired and hopefully fresh kratom seeds will require suitable soil for it to grow and flourish. By flourish, this means that you need to have well hydrated soil that is good in retaining water since these kratom seeds apparently want a lot of water, not really to the point of drowning it but sort of in the middle, maintaining its moisture levels but not really overdoing it. Sort of like a swamp-like muddy soil type consistency.


One of the most effective ways to successfully grow your kratom seedling into a budding teenage plant is by trying to mimic as close as possible the natural weather conditions it grows in, that includes mimicking the temperature, humidity, sunlight, even the sun cycles to further improve your chances of the plant growing successfully.

Probably the best way to start growing your kratom plant is by purchasing an already rooted clone of the plant so with this, you can use it as a basis for your procedures and for setting up your greenhouse correctly, it is sort of like your prototype or test subject so you can fine tun everything that you would need whenever you decide to buy kratom seeds.

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