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Gaia Ethno Botanicals Kratom Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?

Kratom has attained worldwide reputation as a medicinal plant because of its properties of healing many physical ailments like chronic pains, Fatigue, Arthritis and Fibro myalgia. Its main use in its native countries is as a remedy for opiate addiction. People tend to get addicted to opiate medicines after some days of use and find it difficult to come out of that habit. Kratom can be used as alternative for opiate drugs. Interestingly, Kratom also becomes a big addict over a period of time like alcohol and tobacco which is tough to withdraw. It is advisable to take expert advice before starting to use it for opiate addiction. Since it has been used for long as treatment for prolonged diseases and chronic pains in many countries, many companies worldwide have started to research the plant’s and its products’ efficacy.

GAIA Kratom review is worth considering here as the company GAIA ETHNO BOTANICAL is a reputed company which procures and markets quality Kratom products.

What are its products?

HOW TO AVOID THE BITTERNESS OF KRATOMThe company proclaims that they procure tallest and fully matured Kratom leaves from well harvested Kratom plants. It means that they allow plant to be completely ready for harvest. They deal with many varieties of Kratom, one thing that every consumer of. Their Inventory/ product line is so wide that they trade nearly 50 types of Kratom dealing at least with two forms of one variety. They have everything from strains, blends and powders which include Gold kratom strains, green kratom, white kratom, yellow kratom, Mang de kratom and Bali kratom. Their strains are very popular because you have a lot of variety in that too which is not the case with other vendors. The moment you click on strains, there are variety of options that you can choose from.


Their prices are also very reasonable. This is also one of the reasons for the popularity of their products. It is pretty clear to make a huge distinction between theirs and other competitors’. For example, kratom strains cost $5 with GAIA where as it is nearly $10 with others. There are also many discounts that they offer on bulk purchases with starts with a least discount of 5%.

How to purchase?

Getting Kratom products on line or ordering for a sample pack is very easy with various shipping companies offering to deliver products 3 to 4 days a week. Companies like Priority mail and Express mail are established in countries like USA which deliver sample packs, special Kratom blend packs, Kratom leaf extracts and other miscellaneous products.

How can customers benefit?

The company offers to become prospective affiliates through which they ensure some kind of savings to the customers. They pay high commission and good conversion rates to ensure they are at customer service.

There are various payment options that the customer is facilitated with like Debit/ credit cards, crypto currency like Bit coins and Lite coins.

Customers’ reviews

Some users posted mixed opinions about their products online. Reddit feedback also has various opinions with specific feedbacks about specific products with customers reporting that while some products induced sedation others acted as mood lifters. Over all, the company offers quality Kratom at reasonable price.

However, since Kratom products are not legalized and approved by FDA, it is advisable to take professional advice before planning to start using the products.

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