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Finding Out Whether Kratom Is The Answer For Depression

The spectacular reach of Kratom to so many places in the world is because of its effect on the mind. The relaxation that it brings has made it the most sought after herbal extracts. In this highly stressed environment where people have various issues to deal with right from cut throat competition in work, pressure of living up to expectations, anxiety of not fulfilling promises all lead to depression. This needed therapy, anti depressants and social stigma. Kratom does not actually have a cure for depression but it helps a person from not going into that state by relaxing his mind.

The years of stress leading to depression cannot be treated by Kratom, which has never been stated anywhere. But initial intake of this Kratom will definitely help not fall into the depression mode easily. The causes of depression may be genetic too and the external factors can trigger it more. The higher levels of depression is seen many people and can lead to suicidal tendencies. People are more susceptible to such problems as there isn’t enough human interaction and the emotions do not come to the fore, the suppressed emotions work on the mind differently for different people, in some it may lead to aggression at some point or it may lead to depression, these are the ugly faces of mental health of people.

Years of study and research cannot actually cure a person fully and continuous use of medication can damage various parts of the brain. Studies have shown that medication given for mental do more harm than good for the patient but that is the blunt truth of the whole matter. People over the years have alternatives, such as therapy, by changing heir surroundings with positivity and zest for life. Meditation, yoga and other healing techniques these have helped many.

Kratom comes into the picture, when normal people begin to take it, this will make them to relax their mind and this way it will become a way of life, by getting quality sleep which this brew offers. This way both the body and mind are refreshed that they work better and able to handle stress better. The clouded mind can never be set straight. Kratom has proved to be effective in bringing stress levels down.

Coming down to treat downright depression, which is being used by some is trickier as the dosage is very difficult to decide and it has to be based on the trial method on the person till he/she feels it has the desired effect. The dosage levels can vary on many aspects on weight, age, other health conditions etc. there are times when low dosages may not bring the desired effect needed to treat depression, higher donation can cause for sedation.

The usage and duration of Kratom for depression is debatable as Kratom can improve only the symptoms that may lead to depression. Depression as a disorder needs proper treatment and medication for the person to normalise and join mainstream society. Though when used for depression, Kratom is used in combo with other herbal medication such as ashwagandha widely used in Indian Ayurvedic medication system which helps induce sleep and brings in tranquillity in the mind.

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