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Experience the Effects of Indo Kratom

Kratom which is related to a coffee plant is a tropical tree native to new guinea, south east Asia and Philippians. Indonesia being the biggest exporter, grows it abundantly due to the ideal humidity, making it one of the best regions for production and growth where you can find variety of plantations.

Indo Kratom
In comparison to many strains, traditional Indo Kratom is the most desired strain because of its unique set of effects. Effects may differ depending on the vein colors, plant and the season. Some of the most common characteristics include:
Mood lifting
Pain relief

When compare to the other strains such as bali, high quality of indo strains cause little side effects like wobbles and nausea.
In comparison to the other strains this strain is little expensive cause of its pain killing effects and also it lasts a bit longer either due to the cell structure of the leaves or the increased potency. It contains mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine compounds which work as opioid receptors which relieves pain and in turn provide sensations of Euphoria. It has a best stimulating effect in low doses, whereas more sedative and narcotic in high doses.

The leaves even do have side effects like it can be a habit forming, muscle spasms, depression, nausea, insomnia, muscle aches, constipation, increased urination, loss of appetite. There can be even the cases of seizures and psychosis with the over dosage of the leaves.

They can also be sold in different variants like:

Premium Indo Kratom:
By harvesting the fresh leaves of the tree, the powder is prepared using different methods. Stem being carefully separated by the hands is the specialty of this strain is a classic example of an outstanding product. It is made using a high end harvesting method. Dried leaves are grounded into the powdered form which is stronger when compared to the normal strain because of its higher alkaloid content.
With higher intensity of effects,it is a renowned high quality product available at reasonable price.

Enhanced\Ultra enhanced Indo strain:
To convert into a thick slurry form, the leaves are subjected to a vigorous boiling procedure in order to concentrate the level of alkaloids even further. These are little hard in consistency and can be further grounded in to a powdered form which is sold as a fine dust.
When compared to original Indo strain, the enhanced variety tend to be 15 times more effective and is not prescribed to use on regular basis. Must be added in small quantities only.

Apart from the above, the other popular Indo strains are Super Indo, red vein Indo, white vein Indo.Similar to the other strains such as Borneo, Bali and Indo strain, rare white vein indo strain is also energetic for anxiety relief purpose, but when compared red vein is the best.
Premium strain because of its mood boosting and energy is the best among all. Hence it is recommended to start with small doses and go with higher later to avoid side effects.

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