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Effects of Kratom

Native to southeast Asia, a tropical deciduous tree widely used for medicinal purposes throughout the region is kratom. Banned in Thailand it is a natural substitute for opium. Mitragyna speciosa is the scientific name of this ever green tree. It has many morphine-like effects.The active main ingredients of the kratom are the alkaloids 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine. These alkaloids are often used for muscle relaxant effects or anti-inflammatory and also for pain relieving. The dark green leaves of this plant are usually powdered or crushed. Powdered kratom can be consumed with water.
The nutrients and the unique chemical compounds within the leaves and also the wide range of alkaloids are the reasons behind the health benefits of kratom. It is mostly used to limit the fatigue and for the improvement of stamina and energy.
Some of the health benefits of kratom are:
Pain reliever:
By impacting the hormonal system, the analgesic properties of the nutrients and alkaloids of the leaves can relieve the pain throughout the body quickly. As the result of chewing the kratom leaves, amount of dopamine and serotonin is released in to the body by alleviating the pain and also the alkaloids dull the pain receptors. Kratom leaves are widely regarded for this opium-like quality.
Limit the fatigue:
By impacting hormone levels and optimizing certain metabolic processes, kratom leaves can increase your energy levels. These leaves are often a natural solution and alternative for the sufferers of chronic fatigue syndrome.
Boosts immune system:
Because of the various alkaloids found in the leaves of the kratom, include the combinative effects that resilience and strength the immune system.
Reduced anxiety:
Besides opium-like effects and relieving pain, it also has its impact on the tone and mental stability of an individual. As the kratom leaves include anxiolytic substances they are widely used for people who suffer from depression, chronic stress, mood swings and anxiety. People can get relief from these exhausting symptoms, as it regulates the hormonal imbalances.
It also has its effect on blood sugar levels, as the alkaloids in the leaves help to regulate the amount of glucose and insulin in the blood. Apart from the benefits, it is widely banned in many countries due to its side effects like:

Acts like opiate and lack the ability to clear the thoughts.
Main side effect includes the development of tolerance and dependence that makes you addicted
Dry mouth
Increased urination
Loss of appetite
Kratom makes you energetic and hyperactive with small doses and relieves pain, beside itcreates sedative effects with high doses. The stimulant effects of kratom leaves include giddiness, sociability, reduced motor coordination. Even the withdrawal of kratom include the side effects like yawning, stomach cramps, diarrhea, sweating, runny nose and irritability. The development of addiction and dependence is the most significant danger posed by long term kratom use and also the alkaloids present in the leaves of the kratom have a strong physical effect on humans. Even though these effects can sometimes be positive, few times they are also the cause or reason for concern.Hence it is recommended to start with small doses and go with higher later to avoid side effects.

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