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Can Kratom Help Fight Depression?

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a natural opioid that is widely used as a traditional medicine in Southeast Asia. It has been used for centuries to treat a number of health problem, to help improve mood, relieve pain and increase work production. When we take Kratom, it is believed that it can result in reducing anxiety.
For a healthy person, using Kratom can improve your life. For some, Kratom is their secret to be more motivated and help you calm down in times when you are pressured. Kratom is legal in some countries, safe and very cost-efficient. This is why more people are curious as to how can Kratom change a person’s life.

The Kratom Profile.

This is a leafy evergreen plant that is commonly found in Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, and Bali. The leaves are the most important part of the plant since it is used to make Kratom tea. Some may process it to may a powder form and most will just wash and it the Kratom leaves raw. If Kratom is in powder form, it can be mixed with juice or tea, not smoked.

How to take Kratom.

There are several ways to take Kratom. The most common is to simply “toss and wash.” This is where you scoop a spoonful of Kratom powder into your mouth and flush it with a sip of water, swirl it inside your mouth to mix, then knockback. It takes a lot of practice but you’ll get it done. Another popular way is to make a tea out of the Kratom leaves. There are also Kratom capsules available in the market which other users prefer. When using kratom, always find the right dosage for you.

Find your Kratom “Sweet Spot.”

More doesn’t mean better with Kratom. This is not like your ordinary supplement that there is a specific dose. With Kratom, you will be the one to judge and find out what’s best for you. Start small, like 2 or 3 grams. After 20 minutes and there’s no effect, up the dose. Once you start to feel the effects, take it from there.

Kratom and Depression.

During the treatment of depression, correct usage is important. Dosage is the most important factor that you have to consider.

Dosage. Everyone reacts differently to Kraton. This is why when treating depression you should know your dosage. Always start low. It may take a couple of trial and errors until you find the right dose for you.

For adults at around 150 lbs, there are three dosage suggestion. Light is 2 to 3 grams, Moderate is at 3 to 5 grams, and heavy at 5 to 7 grams. You have to make sure to take note the effects because if the dosage is too low, the effects won’t be strong enough to sedate which is essential for patients with depression.

With Kratom, finding your ‘sweet spot” is important. Remember that too little will not change a thing. If you took a little too much, you will have this heady feeling. If you feel nauseous, it means that your dose is too high. Remember, there’s no going back.

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