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Can Kratom Be Harmful to Your Liver?

Since kratom is widely used by a lot of people for a lot of different reasons, may it be used for a cure for opiate or even alcohol addiction, used as apain killer, a mood booster or even a recreational (and legal) drug, kratom has found its use in various forms for various people.

Since the use of kratom is popular among people seeking for alternative herbal medicine, and most of the time these individuals use kratom for a long period of time, it begs the question “Can Kratom Be Harmful to Your Liver?” A lot of people are wondering about the effects that kratom can do to one’s liver which is why people who want to try it for the first time are a bit hesitant.

Just the right amount

The key to protecting your liver regardless if something is advertised as harmless to the liver or not is by taking the right dosage for you since everybody has relatively different effects and results when taking something as potent as kratom. What may be effective to one may have different effects to another so to avoid risking your health, best start with the lowest recommended dosage for you.


It’s probably a good thing that the liver is one of the most resilient organs in the body, stop using something that’s damaging it and it will regenerate. While this is the case, there are no reported liver complications that kratom can give except for one, intrahepatic cholestasis which results in releasing bile incorrectly thus resulting in effects such as diarrhea or itchiness or even organ failure, but this is very rare to happen to people, even the ones who are taking kratom in fairly large doses.

Stay within the dosage

People who have been using kratom for a long time but don’t exceed the recommended dosage have attested that they do not have any liver problems when using kratom, these people have already gone to the doctor to get their liver (as well as kidneys) checked and have shown no negative results. They even experienced an increase in liver as well as overall health after using kratom properly.

It isn’t just kratom

Some of the cases wherein patients experienced liver complications while using kratom isn’t really because they were using kratom. There might be some other things that these patients do or they live a certain lifestyle that can be harmful to one’s liver. Such an example is a long time drug user that uses kratom as an alternative cure and for withdrawals. Substance abuse for a long period of time might have caused already extensive liver damage that might either take a long time to recover from or it won’t really recover at all. These are just some of the cases that no matter how much kratom you might take, if your lifestyle isn’t really that healthy, you will still get liver problems with or without kratom.

In general, when kratom is used properly, it is relatively harmless to the liver. Maintaining a proper dosage and healthy lifestyle may just even improve one’s liver conditions, it’s all in the lifestyle and not just in kratom.

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