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There are mixed opinions about the legitimacy of Kratom, a plant that is native to South East Asia. It is used for centuries long in its native countries as a treatment for various ailments and chronic diseases. It is particularly used as treatment for opiate addiction. Its leaves and stem are known to provide relief for severe pains, Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. It is also used as recreational drug and as a sedative. But scientific studies also prove that there are equally side effects like constipation, nausea, frequent urination and excessive sweating. It is for this reason that it has not been made legal in some countries. However, in some countries its positive impacts have been researched and made legal for public use.

In the USA, there are many online stores which offer high quality Kratom products at economical rate. Buy Kratom US offers kratom powder and leaves at wholesale prices to trusted customers. With manufacturing unit and warehouse in the US, it offers all varieties of Kratom of high quality with high alkaloid content. All the products are tried and tested by quality assurance team before actually sending for marketing. They ensure that all the strains and leaves are mature enough to be used for various purposes thereby allowing only quality ingredients go in to manufacture.

Inventory/ product line: Their inventory is so wide to suit the requirements of varied customers. They have products lined up from powders, strains, plain leaves, stem and veins etc from almost all types of Kratom plants like Maeng da kratom, Borneo kratom, Red Malay kratom, Bali kratom etc all of which are known for special properties of their own.
Prices: All the prices are whole sale and depending on the variety they are priced at an economic rate. For example you can get 1oz of Stem and vein at as low as 8.99$. But some varieties which have enhanced properties may cost you a little more because of the ingredients and processing techniques they undergo. They also offer good discounts on bulk purchases.
Shipping: They ship to many places at reasonable rates. But there are countries that they don’t ship to because of Kratom legality laws in those countries. So they request the customers to verify kratom laws in their respective countries to avoid any customs issues. Depending on the quantity of the product, they offer some options like if the product is under $99 the customer can get First class mail option.
Customer service: They offer rewards for loyal customers for every purchase that they make. If the number of points reaches 250, then there is a chance of getting 25$ certificate which can be later exchanged for further purchases by redeeming kratom points.
Payment options: They offer various payment options like Debit cards, credit cards, crypto currency like Bit coins. If you are a loyal customer and have points then you can utilize them for future purchases.
Reddit feedback: As with many products, there are different opinions from various customers about the product. While some people opined that it cured impending asthma and allergies, there were cases where it worked as anti anxiety drug. Some didn’t feel any impressive results as hyped online and offline even after changing vendors who are claimed trust worthy. Well it all depends on personal choice.
Whatever, the reviews are if you are planning to start using it, it is advisable to take an expert opinion before doing it. Even if you do, better limit it to smaller doses since kratom’s uses are yet to obtain scientific proof.

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