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Where to Buy Akuamma for Sale: A Review of the Top Companies


Akuamma is a plant that grows widely in tropical regions of Africa. It is also called the Picralima Nitida and is a well- known folk medicine.  Akuammine and pericine are its active alkaloids.

What is Akuamma Powder?

Generally, Akuamma is available everywhere in powder form. The seeds of Akuamma are crushed to create this power. The Akuamma powder is very bitter in taste. So, that powder is encapsulated to overcome its bitter taste and allow for easier consumption. 

Advantages of Akuamma Powder

The Akuamma Powder Benefits are manifold. Here are some of its benefits.

  • Painkiller: It not only acts as a natural pain reliever but also wardsoff withdrawal symptoms. It is very popular for its natural analgesic action with few side effects. It is quick acting as well. 
  • Sedation: People suffering from sleeping disorders can use this because of itgood sedative properties. 
  • Sense of Relaxation: It helps to reduce stress, anxiety and panic attacks and thus produces mental peace and calmness.
  • Anti-malarial: The seeds, fruit, stem, and bark are tested for antimalarial action. The seeds exhibited resistant activity against malaria. This is because of two vital alkaloidsalstonine andakuammine present in the seeds. So, it could be a possible antimalarial medicine.
  • Anti-diabetic: The alkaloid Akuammicine’ present in Akuamma seeds helps the uptake of glucose to the cellsby decreasing glucose plasma levels, same as insulin. Thus it is a good  antidiabetic drug.


In general, 2-4 grams of Akuamma is the recommended dosage. Few people may upto 6 grams to reveal the Akuamma seeds benefits at the fullest. One must take 2 seeds of Akuamma to fight against pain.

There are many of ways to use Akuamma. It can be taken as seeds or powder but measurement is vital. So it is better to have a measuring scale.

It can be taken with Goji berry or lemon juice to reduce its bitterness. Few people use them with Kratom to prepare tea.

Overdosing is uncommon, but if occurs, one can expect a headache.

Adverse Effects of Akuamma Powder

To mention, Akuamma Powder side effectsare insignificant unless otherwise taken in large dosages.

  • Bitter taste: The Akuamma powder has very bitter taste, because of which it cannot be taken easily.
  • Headache: Large dosage of Akuamma powder may cause a headache, but it is sedative also.
  • Stomach Upset and Nausea: Large quantities of Akuamma powder can cause upset stomach and Nausea when taken on empty stomach.
  • Hypernatremia and Hyperkalaemia: The seeds may increase the levels of Sodium an Potassium present in the plasma slightly but the health problems caused by it are insignificant.

The above effects may be caused when the user might have taken large doses of Akuamma.

Where to Buy?

When it comes to the question, “Where to buy Akuamma Powder?”, the answer is it is not available everywhere. Coastline Kratom is your best choice; however, it is largely sold in African markets. Akuamma is mostly used in powder form in western countries. It is available in some shops and smoke stores in a few countries. But it is can be purchased from online vendors all over the world. Fresh and best Akuamma powder will give maximum benefits. To get firstgrade Akuamma, it is a must to buy from reliable and official vendors either online or offline.


The above Akuamma Powder review may give you a good idea about Akuamma powder. It is a natural analgesic and has myriad of benefits with little side effects. Taking right dosage of Akuamma powder won’t give any side effects.

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