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Borneo Kratom Dosage: How Much Should You Take?

Borneo Kratom is named after an island Borneo where Kratom is grown naturally. Most part of this island is a forest where various varieties of Kratom trees grow due to its favorable climatic conditions in this region. Kratom is used by natives for many years because of its medicinal properties to relieve chronic pains and stress. Even today, Kratom trees are grown in forests without any cultivation or farming needs in the island. Since it is natural and one can find plenty of these plants in the region, increase in demand from the west had made this island the source of kratom market.
Borneo variety of kratom is said to be powerful and effective due to its high level of alkaloid properties. Its medicinal properties are similar to that of other native Kratom plants from south Asian countries. Medicinal properties of Borneo Kratom includes relieves chronic pain, stimulating and energising the mood, reducing stress and anxiety which would aid in weight loss and solve insomnia related issues.

There are various Kratom plants found in the region which can be differentiated based on the colour of the veins found in the leaves of Borneo Kratom. Each of these types has their own unique effects while consuming it.Hence most users prefer them according to their requirements.
Following are the most commonly found varieties of Kratom in Borneo and named after its colour and region it’s grown.
1) Borneo Red Kratom:
When the leaf of the Kratom has a Red vein, it’s called as Borneo Red Kratom. This variant is found effective with respect to relieving body pains, increasing the energy levels and reduce the symptoms of addiction-related qualities. This can suppress body pains or maintain the rise of energy levels up to 5 hours approximately. As per the consumer feedback, this variant is said to be helpful for any beginners if they wanted to start the use of Kratom.
2) Borneo Green Kratom:
This variant is suggested for everyone (from beginner to expert level) to consume it safely without any side-effects. It has high medicinal values which are used as painkillers and anti-depressants. In most of the cases, this variant found to lack in side effects which is one of the major advantages and safe to consume even at high dosage. However, it is advised to consume based on the sensitivity and body response towards Kratom.
3) Borneo White Kratom:
This variant is least known to others but one cannot ignore the fact that like any other Kratom variety this has notable properties to consider which can be used for various other reasons. It has been used as stimulant among the natives after physical activity to relax. This variant is also used as sedation for any medical complication to suppress from chronic pains. It is advised for people who wanted to relieve chronic pains and relax with compromising the energy levels in the body.

How much in quantity should One Consume?
Since Kratom has high medicinal values and stronger effects, it is suggested to consume with caution. Also, it is advisable to start with little potions (like 1 tablespoon of dried Kratom powder or 1 capsule) and gradually increase the dose per day based on their body response and sensitivity towards Kratom.

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