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Bali Kratom: Recommended Dosage

Bali kratom is one of the premium selling kratom today. This strain of kratom is popular and fast selling compared to the other strains. It is also found in regular and super grades as sold by the brands. This is so because Bali kratom is one of the most potent strains of kratom and cheapest hence the popularity.

Bali kratom has popular Bali gold kratom which sometimes steals the thunder. Bali kratom strain is particularly useful for the following.
Takes away the pain.
Relaxes the body.
Changes in hunger
Helps in withdrawal symptoms and de addiction of opium.
Creates euphoric mindset.
Gives good sleep.

Side effects of the usage
It has been reported that some feel suppression of appetite or the opposite in some. This kind of response to Bali kratom strain varies from individual to individual and how their body reacts. It is definitely a great pain reliever many prefer the the red strain variety which is mostly used to treat chronic pains, but certain persons who are sensitive to this strain are may experience sedation hence the next be#t choice would be the Bali kratom which too, effective to ward away chronic pain.

How to identify a Bali kratom
The leaves of this strain are darker in colour compared to other strains. It has the tendency to grow faster than other kratom plants which can be attributed for the dark green colour of the leaves apparently. Bali kratom has three varieties such as the
Red vein- used for relaxation and stress buster
White vein- pain reliever
Green vein-it does both the above but milder effect than them.

Dosage of kratom
The dosage of kratom definitely has to be tried out by the individual as no set dosage can be fixed. Some of the persons can not get used to a particular strain, the. They can opt for another kind they could experiment with lower dosages with various strains and find the one that give them the desired effect. There are people with preferences, who want good sleep, want pain relief, or both, only activeness, relieving stress, all these are available in different strains, where in you could mix and match your need accordingly to your situation.

Kratom is one such that mixing with other strains is not harmful and the proportions of mixing can be found online or you can get a mixed blend by some brands. It all depends on how the body reacts to the dosage. There can be initial help by the brand you have bought from which mentions the dosage levels, but if that particular dosage doesn’t not suit you you could go for smaller dosages or increase it slightly or combine it with other strains.
The beginner level would be –1.5 gms
A small dosage –2 gms to 2.5 gms
A substantial dosage –2.5 gms to 4 gms.
A high dosage –4 gms to 6 gms.
Highest dosage –6 gms to 9 gms.

The above are per day consumptions and the it all boils down to if you have consumed the stein on an empty stomach, full stomach and your stomach acidity levels.

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