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How to Make Akuamma and Kratom Taste Better

The taste of the bitter truth

Akuamma and kratom are popular because of their special abilities that are very beneficial to its user. Some of its awesome benefits are that it could help in relieving chronic pain and they are even proven to be more effective compared to other medicines which are why a lot of people have already been trying them out. Another is that both are able to elevate energy levels in your body which could them help you become more energetic and efficient with your job, some who are also suffering from certain conditions that would make them lethargic are also taking these to help them with their energy levels.

While both are very easy to take and are available in many forms, there is still one question that some people might initially ask. Akuamma or Kratom: Which One Has a Better Flavor? Picky eaters are the ones who might ask this all the time, because they want to know what they are getting into and they want to cover everything before purchasing it, including its taste. A lot of users will simply say that they are both bitter and you might need to find a solution to at least tone that bitterness down. But surely, the benefits are worth it especially if you are in need of it.

How to avoid the bitterness of Kratom

Kratom users will always tell you one thing when it comes to the taste that it is 5 times bitter than the most bitter thing that you have ever tasted. People would say that they almost spit it out because it’s tastes so disgusting. But what can you do? You could just pucker up and look for a great solution to avoid that taste. One popular thing that people do is by mixing it with orange juice. The acidic property of the orange juice would help in getting rid of the bitter taste of kratom. There are many fruits and drinks that contain acid as well like lemon, and cranberry juices so do not worry because you have a lot of options. Another great solution is by mixing it with stevia which is a natural sweetener and you don’t have to worry about it affecting your blood sugar levels because its compound doesn’t do much in that area. It actually helps if you have diabetes, and if you want to lower your blood pressure.

Toning down the bitter taste of Akuamma

Akuamma also has that distinct bitter taste that could be avoided by infusing it as a tea and putting natural sweeteners to it. Others would also drink lemon juice or any acidic juices to get rid of the taste too, the same as kratom.  Some people would even smoke or vape it. these simple solutions are very easy and you can also take the encapsulated akuamma so that you won’t have to even taste a bit of it.

Both Kratom and Akuamma are bitter, but a lot of users have always said that Kratom is the most bitter among that there are already recommendations as to how you could avoid this problem so that you will know what to do in the future once you decide to use these natural remedies.

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