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Can You Make a Kratom Alcohol Beverage?

In the continuous search for getting buzzed, people have always mixed and matched different substances together to if the effects of both will increase. In this case, alcohol and kratom. While alcohol in itself when taken in large quantities may be able to supply the needed “buzz” to the individual, especially if this individual isn’t such a light drinker, mixing it with kratom makes for a whole new level of results all together.

Kratom by itself is a natural herb which has a lot of benefits to one’s health being primarily a pain killer and mood booster, and because of its euphoric effects, it is sometimes used as a recreational drug which substitutes marijuana since technically kratom isn’t a controlled substance as of yet. Mixing these two together into one alcoholic drink isn’t really recommended since the effects might be a bit too much to handle for some people, especially the light drinkers. Some people though, have tried drinking alcohol after taking kratom and they can attest to the fact that the regular buzz you might get is significantly enhanced. While you can’t really mix kratom and alcohol together, you can definitely take kratom after drinking since it’s more beneficial this way.

Off the booze
Whenever an alcoholic stops drinking for a period of time, they experience what people call “withdrawal” and these withdrawal symptoms are hard to deal with since the individual’s body craves for alcohol since it has become dependent on it to function normally, this is due to regular excessive drinking and once the recovering alcoholic experiences these withdrawals, they can sometimes fall back and relapse which isn’t good.

Kratom taken for alcohol withdrawals prove to be beneficial to these alcoholics since it provides them with some sort of similar euphoric effect as when drinking alcohol. It also has a natural calming effect which helps the recovering alcoholics resist the urge and ultimately preventing them from going into relapse.

Feeling smashed?

Kratom’s effects when used before drinking alcohol seems to further heighten the effects an individual may get from drinking, such a more buzzed feeling as well as that added feeling of euphoria from the kratom when used in this context. When used after drinking alcohol however, specifically the day after when the individual experiences a head drilling hangover, surprisingly kratom may be used to cure this hangover.

Since technically kratom is part of the coffee plant family, it has quite similar effects being a stimulant such as giving that person a significant boost of energy and a feeling of wakefulness without that jittery feeling you get when drinking coffee. A lot of people can attest to the positive effects kratom has when used as a cure for hangovers although there are of course some who aren’t quite successful when using kratom as a cure for hangovers since the effects may always differ from person to person although majority of the people who have tried it says that it’s very effective.

While creating an alcohol kratom concoction may not be advisable since it might be dangerous, using kratom before and after drinking may give off some effects which are favorable to the individuals, of course this all depends on the dosage used as well as the strain of kratom.

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